Wakayama sake breweries

Wakayama has 15 sake breweries. These are just some examples of breweries that are open for your visit.
Please contact them directly for details.

heiwa shuzo

Major Brand: Kiddo
Location: Kainan-shi, Wakayama
Remarkable growth in recent years drawing lots of attentions by innovative flavors. Not only makes sake, but also makes changes for the new generation of sake.

Nate shuzo

Major Brand: Kuroushi
Location: Kainan, Wakayama pref.
The area is called Kuroe, and this was a very well-known craftman town of lacquer ware. Kuroushi, black cow, is named after a famous monumental rock  in the neighborhood which looks like a black cow.

yoshimura hideo shoten

Major Brand: Kurumazaka
Location: Iwade, Wakayama pref.
Focusing on making sake that goes well with Japanese cuisine, Kurumazaka is a premium brand loved by foodies all across the nation.