shiga sake brweries

Kyoto has about 40 sake breweries. These are just some examples that you might want to visit. Please contact them directly for details.

Major Brand: Kitajima Location: Konan, SHIGA

Aiming to make perfectly-fermented sake, the 14th generation president respects the origin of sake making and keeps on providing sakes for Japanese food.
Major Brand: Shichihonyari Location: Nagahama, SHIGA Property built in Edo period remains as thier actual sake making property. Respecting traditions, paying attentions to innovations, the brewery moves on the the next generation.
Major Brand: Suzu-Masamune Location: Gamo, SHIGA Founded in the late Edo period, 19th century, the 7th generation president with revolutionary ideas gives impacts to the whole sake industry.
Major Brand: Kinkame Location: Gamo, SHIGA The flagship brand “Kinkame” has seven different versions with different percentage of rice polishing. Having 40% to 100% is a very unique idea that’s catching much attention from sake enthusiasts.

uehara shuzo

Major Brand: Furosen
Location: Takashima, SHIGA

Specialist of natural fermentation and Yamahai, the classic brewing method. Harmony of deepness, boldness, and sharpness they create is something no other places can do the same.