Osaka sake breweries

Osaka has about 15 sake breweries. These are just some examples that are open for your visit. Please contact them directly for details.

Major Brand: Rikyubai, Daimon 35
Location: Katano, Osaka
Located in the border area of Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto. With its natural environment, it is a great place to make rice, not to mention beautiful sake.

Major Brand:  Shonosato, Niwadani
Location: Izumisano, Osaka
Hidden treasure area with fertile soil, Senshu, the southern Osaka has been active in agricultural, animal husbandry, and lots of food-related industries including sake making.

Major Brand: Kuninocho
Location: Takatsuki, Osaka
Founded in 1822, Kotobuki has been actively doing business not only domestically, but also overseas, and recently started to brew new sake in UK. A pioneer of brewing craft beer in this region. Challenge never ends.

Major Brand:  Naniwa-Masamune, Sakamatsu
Location: Hannan, Osaka
Award winning brewery where their brewery building is designated as nation’s tangible cultural property.