KYOTO Sake breweries

Kyoto has about 40 sake breweries. These are just some examples that you might want to visit. Please contact them directly for details.

Matsui shuzo

Major Brand: Kagura
Location: Kyoto City, Sakyo-ku
Founded in 1726, located in the heart of the city of Kyoto and is the oldest sake brewery in the area.

Kinshi masamune

Major Brand:  Kinshi Masamune
Location: Kyoto, Fushimi area
Moved to Fushimi area in 1995 from Kyoto city area. The original place is now a sake museum. Also brew craft beer. 


Major Brand:  Gekkeikan Tokusen, Densho
Location: Kyoto, Fushimi area
Founded in 1637. One of the biggest sake breweries in Japan and also internationally well-known making sake in US. 

Oishi shuzo

Major Brand: Okinazuru
Location: Miyama, Kyoto pref.
Located in a beautiful mountain are of Miyama. Moved to the current place in 2014 for better sake-making environments.


Major Brand: Shutendoji
Location: Miyazu, Kyoto pref.
Located in the north end of Kyoto prefecture where both beautiful see and mountain co-live. Brew sake with their abundant local natural resources.