Nara sake breweries

Kyoto has about 40 sake breweries. These are just some examples that you might want to visit. Please contact them directly for details.

Major Brand: Mimurosugi Location: Sakurai, Nara

The place where sake gods rest. Located on the foot of Miwa, the spiritual mountain. Harmony of tradition and innovation, the brewery is on the next evolution providing high quality sakes nationwide and internationally.

umenoyado shuzo

Major Brand:  Umenoyado, Unfeigned SAKE
Location: Katsuragi, Nara
Focused on tastiness and enjoyment, believing sake can make people happier, produces a wide variety of flavor range. 

Imanishi seibei shoten

Major Brand: Harushika, Super-Dry Location: Nara City

Harushika literally means “Spring Dear.” This brand is named after Kasuga (Spring Day) Taisha Shrine and deer that are around the shrine as divine animal.  A pioneer to expand their business overseas and now exports to more than ten countries.

Choryo shuzo

Major Brand:  Futaho, Yoshino Taruzake
Katsuragi, Nara (also in Yao, Osaka)

Devotion to make good sake unlimitedly. Got involved in numerous international sake-related activity such as providing sake rice to brewers overseas. Recently started to brew craft beer with sake twist. Challenge never ends.

kuramoto shuzo

Major Brand: Kingaku, KURAMOTO
Location: Nara city

Located in a mountain area of the northeast of the city, Grow own high quality sake rice for their sake. Small scale brewery that brews premium sake with heart.